Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Fashion Fix : Frost Bitten Featuring NewLook

Frost Bitten

This outfit really encapsulates this time of year to me. It reminds me of living in Canada, where autumn and winter often blurred into a single chilly, frostbitten season with red and orange leaves dusted in snow and ice on early weekday mornings.  I can imagine wearing this while window-shopping downtown for Christmas presents, gingerbread latte in hand.  Now that Halloween is over, Lady Winter will begin stretching her arms far and wide, to pull you into her cozy, Christmassy embrace.
Until next time!

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  1. What a lovely look!

  2. I absolutely love this outfit! I haven't ever owned a pair of jeans in such a light shade, but I love it combined with the grey wash and light coloured top half! It's so Wintery!!