Sunday, 23 November 2014

First Impression Friday : Life's Entropy Lip Theory - Fusion

Life's Entropy Lip Theory : Fusion

First off, sorry this First Impression Friday is being posted on Saturday (or I mean, if we're being technical it's actually just before 1am on Sunday morning), but it's been one of those weeks!  Aside from work and Friday night plans with girlfriends and some family stuff that's been going on in my personal life, my cat Pumpkin has been sick this week.  On a sidenote, she went to the vet today and has a fever so she's on some fever-reducing medication and antibiotics and goes back on Monday for a follow-up check, but she's doing mostly okay so that's a relief!

Anyway, excuses aside - if you haven't heard of Life's Entropy before it's a new-ish, independent brand of cosmetics founded by beauty blogger (and now entrepreneur) Jane of earlier this year.  I first discovered this brand when I saw a collection of Lip Theory swatches over on Reddit's Makeup Addiction subreddit and immediately had to do some research; the colours looked so nice and opaque and beautiful that I needed to try them for myself.  Lip Theories are, to put it in the most simple of terms, similar to OCC's Lip Tars.  All of the names are science-themed, which the nerd in me absolutely loves.

I found my way to the STORENVY shop and placed my first ever order.  I couldn't settle on the lip theory shades so decided to buy a sample set of the full range of Lip Theories, an easy way to try before you buy.  I was pretty comfortable that the formulation would be something I liked, if other reviews and swatches online were anything to go by, but I really wanted to try the shades out to be sure they suited me before buying them.  That having been said, I did also order a full-size lip theory in the shade Derivative (a light, milky pastel pink) as well as a contouring stick in the palest shade (Proton) and the October Mystery Bag (which contains 2 full-size Lip Theories and a few samples) and also received two free gifts with purchase (another full-size Lip Theory and an eyeshadow sample).  

I haven't used most of the products yet and haven't worn any of the Lip Theories I have tested out long enough to write a full review, but I wanted to share the above lip swatch and my first impressions all the same.  Mostly because I'm very excited by this!  

I've tried on a few of the shades:  Enzyme (light pinky-coral, free gift with purchase), Crystal Violet (mid-tone purple), Fusion (bright fuchsia pink, pictured above), Nucleous (creamy opaque true black).  And honestly?  I absolutely love them all.  Some of the shades probably won't get much use (I'm looking at that bottom row specifically) but I may use the samples to custom blend my own shades as well.  Next time I place an order I'm definitely going to get some of the empty lipgloss tubes, clear lipgloss base, and eyeshadow samples to mix my own Lip Theories.

So, quick review of the shade Fusion above:  Application was easy with the right brush, the product itself is very creamy and the colour opaque, the only real con is that there is slight feathering in the fine lines around my lips but I believe utilizing a clear lipliner will help keep the colour within the border of the lips.

Have any of you guys tried Life's Entropy cosmetics?  I feel like I'm super late onto this bandwagon but I'm in love now and already planning my next purchase!  If you have, what are your favourite products that I need to try out??

(Just a heads up but Life's Entropy's web store is closed this week, but is reopening for Black Friday on 28.11.14 if you wanted to check them out!)

Until next time!

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  1. sounds pretty great, love these pink/coral shades! thank you for sharing!
    i'm following you on bloglovin' and twitter. hope you'll look for me too. see you around!

    a possible fantasy