Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Get To Know The Blogger : 20 Facts Tag

I've been tagged in the 20 Facts tag by my friend Erika from Erika, Eventually (seriously guys, go check out her blog).  I love tags like this, I think they really help you get to know a blogger better ^^ Instructions are up above but it's pretty straightforward so let's get straight on with it!

1.  I've listened almost exclusively to Korean pop music for four or five years.

2.  I never drink enough water and am perpetually dehydrated.  It definitely isn't doing my skin any favours.

3.  Although I'm aware of this fact I'm very bad at remembering to do something about it.

4.  Iced tea is my favourite drink in the world, and it pains me that it's not really a 'thing' in England.

5.  On that note, everything over here is blackcurrant flavour and I hate the taste and smell of blackcurrant more than almost anything else in life.

6.  I make the most amazing gingerbread cupcakes.  Maybe one day I'll make a blog post and share my recipe.  

7.  I have a couple weird phobias - Trypophobia and Submechanophobia.

8.  Halloween and Christmas are my two favourite days of the year.

9.  I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta.  

10. I then  moved to England one week after my last day of high school at the age of 18.

11. I have dual nationality through my mother who still retains her British citizenship - which means I didn't have to mess around with Visa applications or Immigration to move here.

12.  I've never gone to university.  I still think about it sometimes, but I have a good job and haven't discovered something I'm so passionate about as to quit and go back to school to pursue another career yet.  

13. My estranged father got back into touch with me after nearly 18 years via Facebook - I met him a few years ago and we still keep in touch via email once a month or so.

14. Although I'm probably the only Canadian who doesn't speak a word of French, I'm dying to learn another language (Korean or Japanese).

15. I've already memorized the Korean writing system and alphabet, so that's a start.

16.  I had bright candy-pink hair up until last autumn.  I still miss it now.

17. As much as I know about and love makeup - I still fail out loud at doing my brows.

18. I run a Korean Fashion blog on Tumblr (kfashionobsession, if you're at all interested)

19. I love dark literature - Chuck Palahniuk is one of my all-time favourite authors (Fight Club, Invisible Monsters)

20. I have two cats - a white/ginger-tabby girl named Pumpkin and a little black-and-white baby boy named Miso (Miso will be a year old on the 5th of December!)

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16-20: You, the reader - if you have a blog, consider yourself tagged.  Please leave your link as well as I'd love to read yours too!


  1. Thanks for tagging me! I love your random facts ... I definitely had to look up those phobias! Lol :)

    1. I read yours and loved them too! ^^ Haha I'll be honest, I only figured out the name of the submechanophobia one by change on Reddit this weekend. I stumbled across a photo of a scuba diver next to some huge supports for an oil rig next to the name, and felt like I was going to have a panic attack hahah. Not everything does it for me but sunken ships and BIG! THINGS! UNDERWATER! really get to me =/ =/ =/ haha

  2. Oh gosh I have trypophobia too and the worst thing I did was google it a while back! I still get shivers when I think of it! - The Caramel Cat

    1. I'm totally the same, if I google it or even think about it too much, it totally squicks me out and makes me feel physically uncomfortable. Nobody gets it, I swear T_T