Saturday, 15 November 2014

Oyatsu Box : November 2014

This morning I made my way to our local delivery office to pick up a package that couldn't be delivered on Thursday.  I'd convinced myself it was a Christmas present from Amazon, but when the man behind the counter handed me my package I nearly burst with excitement.  At a glance I knew exactly what it was, and I had completely forgotten all about it!

As soon as I saw that customs declaration and address label I remembered - A couple of months ago I signed up to Oyatsu Cafe's amazing monthly subscription services.  The first, called Kawaii Monthly, is a box full of various cute items like stationery and toys and beauty products.  The second one is called Oyatsu Box - and this is the one I picked up today.  Every month for just over £16, I receive a box full of Japanese candy and snacks.  When I opened my box today, this is the first thing I saw:

THOSE, MY FRIENDS, ARE GREEN TEA KIT KATS.  Caps of excitement necessary.  Sorry, as you can tell I was excited - green tea anything is basically my favourite, but green tea Kit Kats in particular are about as close to Heaven as you can get on earth.  

Click the read more to see everything that came in my box this month!

First of all, this is the thing I love about the Oyatsu Box - they never send minis or samples, everything you get is full size.  Where some other subscription services may buy a multipack of snack-size kitkats like this and then split it out among twelve different boxes, Oyatsu Cafe gives you the entire package of whatever snacks are being featured that particular month.  And on a note about what a deal this is - I bought a pack of these Kit Kats from Amazon a few months back and the cheapest I found was still £6.  Which more than a third of what I paid for this whole box, which includes seven additional treats.

Next is a double pack of chocolate Pocky.  Again, I'm a huge fan of Pocky in general (my favourite being the Cookies and Cream flavour - or, rather predictably, the green tea ones).  These are a winter-only version called Kuchidoke, which is made with a rich cocoa chocolate.  There's a very slight coacoa dusting on these, and the chocolate is delicious.  I won't lie, this was the first thing I opened and started munching on as I began writing this post!

Each month the box generally includes some kind of DIY-Candy as well.  My favourite one so far was banana-flavoured mallows on a stick, which you dipped into a chocolate sauce and then added different sprinkles.  The banana flavour with the chocolate was absolutely delish.  I haven't opened this one yet, but it looks yummy.  This is called Neru Neru Nerune - Otanoshimi.  According to the leaflet that came with this month's box, Neru Neru Nerune is Japan's first and most popular DIY candy kit - and this flavour lets you make strawberry candy to then dip in chocolate and add hard candy bits.  I love that OyatsuBox gives these DIY kits - they're so much fun!

Wow, excuse the superbad cropping job up in here =/

These are PuyoPuyo Tetris Gummies and they're exactly what they look like - each fruit-flavoured gummy is in the shape of a Tetris block, so you can play with them before eating if you wanted to.  I think it's a cute novelty but I don't feel the desire to try to fit them together like a video game before nomming on them.  I should mention that I'm generally not a big fan of gummies, at least in the Western sense.  By that I mean things like wine gums and jube-jubes and jelly babies.  "Hard" gummies, is the only way I can think to describe it.  These are very soft gummies though - and so far all of the Japanese gummy candy I've tried has been soft - and I enjoy them very much.  Also, I love that in Japanese candy the purple ones are grape flavoured.  For some reason England doesn't really 'get' the grape-as-a-popular-flavour-of-absolutely-everything thing that I'm so accustomed to, having grown up in Canada.  Grape is my favourite flavour of anything, but everything in England is blackcurrant flavoured instead.  And I despise blackcurrant almost as much as I hate liquorice.  

Next up we have Doreamon Ramune Gum.  Doreamon, if you don't know, is the blue and white cat pictured on the packaging - super cute!  I love gum, I chew it all the time, and although I haven't tried this one yet I know I'll love it.  It's Ramune Soda flavoured bubble gum - Ramune is a very popular carbonated soft drink in Japan.  I love buying it because the bottles are a total novelty (they're sealed with a glass marble that you push inside instead of having a lid you pop off or unscrew).  The original Ramune flavour is pretty similar to a carbonated lemonade (or I guess maybe a little bit like Sprite?) although it now comes in a huge variety of flavours - the name Ramune is pronounced similarly to how the Japanese would say "Lemonade."  And there's your trivia for the day!  This gum has been stashed in my handbag for easy chewing.

This brings up another point I love about subscribing to OyatsuBox; I get to try all sorts of new things that I never would have thought to buy myself.  I have a bit of an apathetic relationship with marshmallows.  I don't hate them, but I never buy them unless I specifically need them.  For baking or roasting over a fire in the summertime - aside from that I never buy and never eat marshmallows.  So if I were shopping for myself I wouldn't have given this package of Calpis Marshmallows a second glance, but I'm so glad I got to try them.  First of all, it's super cute - the marshmallows are little balls and as you can see from the picture on the bottom left, they look like eggs with a smallish yellow filling!  According to the info-sheet, the filling is flavoured like Calpis Soda, which is another popular Japanese soft drink.  I have had Calpis Soda before, but years ago - and even now eating these marshmallows I really couldn't explain to you what it tastes like!  But these are definitely delicious and I'm physically having to stop myself from devouring the rest of the package in one sitting!

Next we have this Masuya rice-cracker.  I don't have much to say about these, except that it was yummy and savoury, and I like the idea of the packaging.  Apparently there are twenty different designs, all of which similarly use the rice cracker photo as the character's hair.  I'd buy a package of these to snack on if I knew where to buy them in larger packs.

And finally, a package of Chicken and Egg lunch soup.  It's an instant soup, and the package is smaller than it might look here - it's smaller than my iPhone.  It's a single serving soup that you make in a mug, like a Japanese Cup-a-Soup.  But looks much yummier!  While OyatsuBox is primarily a candy box, they always include some kind of savoury snack as well, such as this soup and the rice-cracker above.  In previous boxes they've included instant ramen pots, and I've received a starch-noodle soup pot before.  I love ramen and such things, so I'll definitely be making good use of this next week at work!

And that's it for this month's Oyatsu Box!  I hope you enjoyed it, please let me know what you thought.  Have you tried any of these before, or any kind of Japanese candy/snacks?  My Kawaii Monthly box is due in a week or two, so when that comes I'll be sure to do an overview/review of that as well.

If you want to sign up to Oyatsu Box you can do so here.  Just be aware that they can only take on so many new subscribers per month, so once they hit the limit they close sign-ups until that month's box has shipped and they reopen for the next month.  You can cancel your subscription at any time, and there's no limit - you can cancel after one box or a hundred.  Sign-ups are currently open, so check it out if you're interested! The subscription price includes worldwide shipping, and they charge in USD (the subscription fee is actually $25.00 per month, and international currencies will use Paypal's conversion rates to determine prices).

Until next time!


  1. I've never heart about this Oyatsu Box but I love the japonese products!!!!!!!!
    The Green Tea Kit kat packet seems so tasty that I can't wait to try it someday.

    1. If you want to just try the Kit Kats, Oyatsu Cafe is a Japanese snack/food webstore and they have the same pack that I received in the subscription box up for sale and in stock. I highly recommend trying them - the only danger is that they're so addictive <3