Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Wishlist Wednesday: Vol2 : GHD V Rose Gold Styler Set

As you may have seen from my previous Wishlist Wednesday post, I'd originally planned on making this series more of a "shopping guide" type of thing, with a selection of coats or boots or red lipsticks or items from a particular brand.  But this week there's one particular thing that has caught my eye that I desperately want but probably won't actually get myself (and so I urge you to consider it instead so that I can live vicariously through your purchases, dear reader!)  - the limited edition GHD V Rose Gold styler.  

Because seriously, look how beautiful it is!  I'm a big fan of rose gold in general, both as a precious metal and a colour finish, and I just love the way this looks.  Even the case/pad that it comes with, with the rose gold accents against the black fabric is so pretty and classy looking.  At the moment I can't really justify the purchase though - at £130 it's only slightly more expensive than your general GHD stylers, but my GHD IV double-wide styler is still going strong so I'm really just not in the market for another set.  

Personally I don't think I'd go back to non-GHD branded hair straighteners now.  For a long time I didn't really understand the hype, but then my favourite straighteners at the time broke (probably a blessing in disguise as I used to use the old Wet-to-Staight ones on hair sopping wet straight out of the shower, and in retrospect I can't imagine that being good for my hair!) and long story short, I decided to take the plunge.  I have very thick, unruly wavy-curly hair that has been as long as my waist, and these babies made straightening it into submission a much easier job than the myriad of tools I've used in the past.  

I broke my first set right out of the warranty when I placed them on the floor next to my bed and them promptly stood on / tripped over them and completely busted the hinge.  I replaced them with the double-wide "salon" model and haven't looked back since - that was a good four years ago and they're still working just as well as they did out of the box.  But if I were in the market for a new hair straightener, this is definitely the one I'd go for.  I like it even more than the cherry-blossom ones that were being sold at duty free when I went on a cruise this time last year, and let me tell you, that's saying something.  

Anyway if you're so inclined, and you can't find these locally, you can purchase online from or alternatively from one of my favourite online retailers has these in stock as well.  Both sell at the retail price of £130.00, which you'll be happy to hear includes free shipping from either website!

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  1. Replies
    1. I desperately want it myself. I'm wishing bad things on my old one so I can justify replacing it haha

  2. These proved to be very popular in our salon over Xmas. The colour is bang on trend!

    1. I'm still trying to justify it to myself but as beautiful as it is I'm trying to say no. I'm in love with anything rose gold so these are awesome!!