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Tried & Tested : Lente Designs Multi-Angle iPad Case

£24.95 / $38.04 -

I'm really excited for today's review because I think it's something we all have a need for in our lives, not just in the Blogosphere but as a person living in the 21st century; a sturdy tablet case. offered to let me choose an item from their website for review, and since I was in the market for a new iPad case anyway, I decided to take them up on the offer.  Let's get the disclaimer out of the way before we go any further: while the case was provided for review consideration, my reviews are always honest and all opinions posted here are my own.

So let's start the beginning.  Pictured above is the case I've had on my iPad for the past two years.  I love anything Hello Kitty and I love anything pink, so this was a perfect Christmas present from my aunt.  It was a cheap purchase from Ebay but it fit the bill; it was cute and provided screen protection when not in use, which was my main priority at the time.  However, the design was definitely flawed.

Because this is what happened to my iPad.  Yes, it's small and yes, it's my own fault for dropping the thing in the first place.  But the way the metal is pushed up is actually bunched a little under the edge of the glass front.  I tried to get a picture but because of the reflective surface of the glass I couldn't get one clear enough.  My point is that it's safe and functional, but it doesn't look pretty - and if I really wanted to I could probably lift the corner of the glass off the front because there is now a small gap where the dent is.  Because of this I wanted to get a new case that provided more coverage for the Danger Zones.  Aka the corners.

So when I got the opportunity to choose one to try out and review, it was perfect timing to be honest with you.  I perused the website and fell in love with a birdcage design (which you can see here) but it was out of stock with no real idea of when it would be available again.  So instead I chose the above flower print.  It's the same case design, just with a different fabric covering.  You can see the one I bought (and the birdcage print as well as a pretty one with butterfly prints on it) here.

So the first thing I liked about this, aside from the cover design, was the inside, which sounds weird.  The right side of the above photo is where the ipad slots in, and it's super easy to insert.  Just put it in and gently press around the edges until it 'clicks' into place.  The first case I had was a leather affair that just clipped in at the corners very snugly, and I really struggled to get my iPad in and out of it without busting the thing in half.  So I was happy with how this one was designed.  Plus, it doesn't come across in the photo, but the back part that hugs the back of the iPad is a soft material.  I'm not sure what it is, but it's much nicer than just having the iPad snuggled against hard plastic - it would probably be fine, since it doesn't move, but I'd be afraid of scratching it all the same (I totally scratched my first iPod and iPhone just by virtue of them sliding across a tabletop -.-).

Also, see those ridges on the left?  This is a multi-angle case, and those ridges are deep enough to really feel secure when the iPad is tilted or stood up like in the above photo.  My Hello Kitty case had a similar design, but the thin, wide magnets in the cover were also used for the 'wells' to stand the iPad up in, and they weren't deep enough.  I lost count of the number of times I tried to stream Running Man or watch Netflix in bed and it kept sliding down.  So annoying.  And so far, I haven't had that problem with this case.

As you can see here, the case is much more secure around the corners of the iPad - it completely covers up the portion that I managed to damage with my previous case in place, so I don't have to worry about doing further harm.  Not that I plan on dropping it again anytime soon but, then again, do we ever really?  Like any good phone or tablet case, it also leaves the side controls free, so I can adjust volume and turn the lock switch on or off without messing around with the case itself.

Again, as a multi-angle case this is quite useful.  Although the product description mentions "three different viewing angles" I found there were actually four separate angles you can use to lean it upright in landscape orientation - plus you can prop it upright in portrait orientation if you wanted to, as you can see folding it as above creates a sturdy triangle base for the tablet to rest on.

Aside from the general protection and handy multi-angle use, the case also has magnets in the front cover, which both add security (it won't flop open if you're carrying it around in a bag with you) but also serve to automatically lock the screen when you close the cover.  The inside of the front cover is also a very soft fabric to make sure the ridges don't cause any scratches or marks on the cover as well.

So all in all, I'm a fan!  I usually manage to find some kind of con when it comes to these reviews, but this is a really useful and well built piece of gadget accessory.  I will say that I suppose it's on the pricier side if you're used to Ebay fare, but it's comparable to what you'd pay in a high street shop.  And honestly, since my last Ebay-acquired case wasn't actually as protective as I thought it might be, I think it's worth it.  But even if you'd rather not shell out £25 for a tablet case (as beautiful as it is), CaseHappy does have a variety of designs and price points available, so it's worth a look.  They also sell cases for different tablets as well as a variety of smartphones, but I'm really happy with my cheap-o Neko case for my iPhone right now so I didn't give their phone offerings too deep a look.


  • Multiple viewing angles with sturdy supports
  • Full front, back, side, and most importantly corner protection
  • Magnet closure at front which also locks the screen automatically when closed
  • Comparable price point to high street accessory shops

  •           This particular design might be a bit pricey for some more casual users
  •           Packaging consists of a cellophane wrapper - not superfluous but a bit more minimal than I like

Quality: 5/5
Value: 4/5
Does What It Says: 5/5
Packaging: 2/5
Bonus*: N/A

TOTAL: 16/20

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