Tuesday, 14 April 2015

In & Out: Volume 1


Skin Care: I’ve been so lax about my skincare routine more or less since the beginning of this year, and my skin has really let me know how unhappy it is.  I ran out of my usual moisturiser and went back to an old one I didn’t like all that much, “until I find a new one” and that turned into a couple of months of inadequate hydration.  I’ve recently purchased a bunch of organic skin care however and am being more stringent with my routine, and already my skin is in a much happier place.  More details to follow!

Blog Events: I was lucky enough to be invited to an event being organized by Holly-Lucy and Lorna of #TheCityGirls (be sure to click the links and check out their blogs) and I really can’t wait.  The event is taking place in less than two weeks and I’m so excited to be a part of it and meet a bunch of fellow bloggers!  I admit that I’m a little nervous, because aside from Holly I won’t know any of the other attendees, but I’m still very much looking forward to the event and meeting some new people who will actually understand my addiction to the world of beauty, fashion, and blogging.

Organization:  The last month or two have been about trying to organize… well, my life I guess haha.  I’ve finally invested in some decent storage for all of my beauty bits and bobs, and find myself keeping obsessive To Do lists to keep everything in order.  Next I really need to get a diary to carry with me so I can keep track of schedules and leave myself reminders!


Default Blogger Layouts:  I think it’s time to invest in a customized layout, but I’m so picky that I haven’t found one I love enough to splurge on just yet.  Mentally kicking myself for letting my HTML/CSS knowledge lapse, otherwise I could do a beautiful one for myself!

Hair Frustrations: This one is a bit of a personal rant that I want to avoid haha.  But late last year I finally left my old hairdresser (who has been doing my hair since I moved to England ten years ago). Constantly cutting off too much length, butchering my layers, uneven colour, overbleaching/burning my hair…  I persevered because it was cheap, but finally decided it wasn’t worth it to be so unhappy with my hair.  So I’m happy to say I’ve finally moved to a new salon, in a more convenient location, with a stylist I adore and who listens to what I want.

Insomnia:  I wish this one would go, anyway.  At the moment I feel tired all the time and find myself waking up a dozen times during the night and then struggling to get back to sleep.  I’ve suffered from insomnia to varying degrees since my teen years, so this is nothing new, but it’s worse at the moment than it’s been in a while, so just hoping that it’ll settle down again soon!

That’s it for now, but check back soon as I’ve got a couple more reviews up my sleeve and ready to go; and I’m planning on reviving the Fashion Fix posts as well, since my Polyvore addiction is getting a little out of hand~

Until next time!


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